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Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertine!  The days are long and hot interrupted by some fantastic thunderstorms.  What a wonderful recipe for summer relaxation.  It's time to go swimming, ride bikes, drink lemonade and read under the shade of a tree.   It's time to play with friends, blow bubbles and eat ice cream comes.  It's time to vacation with family.  I hope everyone is having a terrific summer and getting re-energized for second grade. 


We do a lot of writing in first grade.  We started writing in the first week of school and we will continue over the year.  Here are some of the things we've written recently:

Reflecting back on a terrific year, we wrote definition poems.  To them, click here.

We're starting to think about SECOND GRADE!  To read some of our thoughts, click here.
As we get ready to "graduate" from First Grade, we think ahead to another graduation.  To read our plans, click here.

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King School Reading Site 

beach.gif (16022 bytes) It's summer, but that doesn't mean you've stopped learning.  If you're stuck inside on a rainy day or just plain bored, you may want to check out one of these sites:

NOW What Can I Do?

Up to Ten


Primary Games

Children's Stories

Toon Disney

PBS Kids

FunBrain Games

School Time Games
(good games, but lots of ads)


crayons.gif (2083 bytes) Coloring can be fun on a lazy summer day.  If you like to color, look at these sites:

Crayons, Crayons and More Crayons

Child Fun Coloring

DLTK Coloring Pages

Free Coloring

Woodsy Coloring Pages

Wildflowers to Color


j0290709.wmf (14336 bytes) Here are some websites for math practice and fun:

A+ Math Flash Cards

Apples 4 the Teacher - Math

Brain Games

Complete the Pattern

Cool Math 4 Kids

Count On

Count Us In

Education 4 Kids

Learning Planet

Math Magician Games

Math Measurement

Math Playground Flashcards

Pattern Blocks

Place Value

Play Kids Math Games

Space Time Arcade

The Pattern Game

Virtual Manipulatives



School Year Calendar

This Week's Newsletter

King School Home Page

Parents for Gifted Education

We have finished First Grade.   You now have a Second Grader.  Where did the year go?  I'm going to miss this group of kind, cooperative friends, my last group of First Graders.  Academically and socially, this class is definitely prepared to be successful in Second Grade.  They've worked hard this year and it's paid off.

Now it's time to relax!  Have fun.  Take a vacation.   Spend some time doing nothing.  You need it and your child needs it.   It's definitely good to keep your child busy by going places, playing organized sports, taking classes, etc.  But it's also important that your child have some unfocused time.  Being bored and having nothing to do are great ways to encourage the development of imagination.  Allowing your child to independently address that boredom by thinking and problem solving is one of the best ways you can prepare him or her for future learning.

Of course, you don't want to leave learning out of the picture until school starts.  Be sure to read to your child and have them read to you on a regular basis over the summer.  Have them practice their math skills in your day-to-day lives by problem solving: how many minutes until we have to leave for soccer? how much change will be get if we pay $5 and the bill is $4.65?  Practice math facts (mental math) in the car.  Have your child write a letter to a family member, a friend or even a former teacher!  If your child was struggling with any of our First Grade skills, you might even want to consider some summer tutoring.  You'll be giving your child a gift if you help prepare them for success in the fall.

Here are some sites with fun activities for summer:

Summer Fun

Educational Summer Activities

Summer Fun Ideas

 You can always contact me by stopping in the classroom, calling, or emailing me.  To send me mail, click here.

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